Bioplastics is fantastic!

The joy when playing BiBio is the joy that you get from nature! Our products are made from green polyethylene – a bio-based polymer produced from raw sugar cane. Bioplastics have exactly the same properties as the traditional ones: they are equally efficient, have the same ranges of application and can be recycled. Yet, the production is much more eco-friendly! Learn about the great history of bioplastics!

We are inspired by children’s creativity

A million ideas a minute! It is for a reason that children show adults what a great pleasure it is to play with just half a stick and a pebble! The youngest ones have an unlimited potential that inspired us to introduce the BiBio range of products. These are toys that stir imagination, because you can use them to play in many (still undiscovered even by us) ways.

BiBio toys - the natural choice

Get to know the timeless and unique BiBio products. Choose toys that guarantee great fun for the whole family playing carelessly on the beach, or enjoying the winter time. Choose the ones that are helpful in the garden and provide great fun when you get bored. And all that with respect to the nature!