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Green as grass with morning dew!
Green is perfect for calming down, simmering down and it settles down – that’s the reason why relaxing on soft, green meadow is so perfect. The colour helps focus, improves concentration and relaxes your eyes. It’s the reason we see a ladybird on an apple leaf or diligent ants walking up a grass.

Green has a positive impact on your memory – green memories last longer!
Blue as clear, summer sky!
Do you enjoy lying on the ground looking at the sky? The horizon seems to be far, far away... The reason is that blue gives the impression of distance. Yet, try to reach out and touch the clouds – blue is also a calming and relaxing colour – decreasing blood pressure and bringing undisturbed sleep.

Just like water – blue is refreshing and associated with purity. Blue is also the colour that awakes your intuition, which is extremely precious while playing.
Bottle green as Cote d’Azur!
Close your eyes together with your child and imagine the sensation of warm sand under your feet, refreshing breeze on your face and a soothing sound of sea waves somewhere in the distance. Now, even a bottle green toy brings back soothing memories.

Bottle green colour lifts your mood and fills with optimism. This colour brings in harmony and relaxes.
Purple as blooming violets!
Hues of purple bring the colours of earth to memory, thus positively impacting our mood, help us relax and take a deep breath. Purple stirs your imagination and propels self-improvement. There’s more!

Purple symbolises creativity, which kids are filled with. It’s enough to inspire kids (e.g. by giving them BiBio toys), and then accompany them to create their own pieces of art.
Pink as alluring roses with beautiful smell!
Were you aware that pink energises and helps enjoy the game? So it is not only the colour of girls’ rosy cheeks, but one that lifts the mood and brings optimism!

Pink symbolises love and is associated with warmth, care, sympathy and openheartedness. It is worth surrounding children with pink elements to develop those traits. They will please the eye and let you relax.
Yellow as warm sand!
We would like playing with BiBio products to bring as many positive memories as there are grains of sand on the beach! Yellow is of help – its warmth induces activity, energises and brings joy. That all makes time spent together even more enjoyable.

Yellow is good for learning – it boosts your concentration. It is also the colour of kindness – and there’s never enough of kindness to your family!